A hostel is THE place to stay if you really want to have the time of your life in Europe! Though a fancy, relaxing hotel and continental breakfast is nice, staying at a good hostel will provide the solo traveler, group, young person, old person, whatever, with an atmosphere which allows you to meet a great international crowd who is looking for an amazing adventure just like you! All of the hostels I will list on this page are the best in each city for partying, and the pictures will link you to the hostels website where you can look more into what they have to offer, and booking!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Flying Pig Downtown is one in a chain of Flying Pig Hostels is Amsterdam, and it is the best one! One reviewer said,”Had an amazing time, great location, everyone very helpful!” It is a mere 2 minute walk away from the central station and conveniently located near many bars, pubs, clubs, and coffee shops, which is where you will be having most of your fun at! It is also one of the cheapest hostels in Amsterdam with beds as low as €14 per night. The Flying Pig Downtown also features a bar, free Internet, a kitchen, and a common room just to name a few things.

Barcelona, Spain

Sant Jordi Mambo Tango is a great hostel, with a great atmosphere! It is easy to meet people and offers daily activities. Rated with 96% for Staff on and 92% in Atmosphere, this hostel should provide you with the ultimate place to socialize and have a good time. One reviewer said,”The hostel was one of the best hostels that i have stayed at, the atmosphere and the people including the staff are all great.” It is also rather cheap with beds running as low as €15 per night. There is a bar, free wifi, adaptors, and common room among many other amenities.

Berlin, Germany

Jetpak Alternative offers the perfect balance of atmosphere, cleanliness, character, staff, friendliness and location(if you want to party!). It is conveniently located near many of the best bars , pubs, ad clubs. One reviewer said,”Awesome place.  Great area in Kreuzberg – you have to stay in this area for all the cool bars and pubs etc.  also close to many clubs and really cheap food.” With atmosphere rated at 94% and staff at 97% on, you are sure to not be disappointed with your stay here. It offers the most bang for your buck with beds as low as €17 per night, and many great amenities such as a bar, free breakfast, free Internet and more!

Budapest, Hungary

The name says it all with RETOX PARTY HOSTEL. This is the ultimate hostel to stay at in Budapest if you want to party party party. This is a place with an overwhelming atmosphere (in a good way), and a place where people just want to LIVE IT UP. One reviewer said,” The best party hostel out there.  Been travelling about 6 months now, and have stayed in many hostels.  This one is crazy beyond expectations.  Do not go here if you are not looking to seriously party.”  This is not a place to relax, as it is filled with drunken, loud people, but that is the whole fun in it! They have an awesome bar along with free wifi, free maps and more. It is also very cheap with beds as low as €11 per night. This is a place you don’t want to miss out on!!! Please note that the age limit is 18-40.

Dublin, Ireland

Generator Hostel is a quality hostel with a fun atmosphere! It is also located 10 minutes from the Temple Bar District by foot, so you will be super close to many amazing and famous bars, pubs, and clubs. One reviewer said,”This is the best hostel I’ve stayed in!!  Perfect for visiting the city, meeting people, traveling low budget, and feeling comfortable where you’re staying.” Dublin doesn’t really offer much as far as fun hostels, so this one is going to be your best bet. They have a “funky bar area” where you are sure to meet some new people to party with as well as other amenities including free wifi, a common room, a game room, and more! It is also pretty cheap with beds as low as €12 a night!

Florence, Italy

First of all, Florence is a great city for young travelers, and has many great clubs and bars, but there isn’t much when it comes to hostels. I am suggesting this hostel for your time in Florence.Hostel 7 Santi is where you will have the most fun out of all the hostels in Florence. This IS a good hostel and it has a good atmosphere and bar, which means that meeting people will not be a problem for you. Other amenities include free wifi, a common room, 24 hour reception, and more! It is also extremely cheap with beds as low as €11 per night.

Istanbul, Turkey

Bahaus Hostel in Istanbul has a lot to offer! They are located in the historical part of the city so you can do some easy sightseeing during the day. Best of all, they have a buzzing atmosphere which makes it easy to meet other people. One reviewer said,”Awesome hostel, great atmosphere and the guys running the joint are extremely cool.” Bahaus has a great bar, cafe and common room where you can socialize, and with an organized pub crawl every Saturday night, where can you go wrong? Rooms run as low as €13 per night. The facilities also include free breakfast, free wifi, postal service and more!

Krakow, Poland

 Greg and Tom Party Hostel Krakow is a guaranteed good time!! There is also a Greg and Tom Hostel in Krakow, but you want Greg and Tom PARTY Hostel. users rated the atmosphere at a whopping 96%! Making it one of the best rated party hostels in all of Europe! They have something going on every night at this hostel. Mon.- Beer Festival, Tue,Thur,Sat,Sun- Pub Crawl, Wed-Vodka Festival, Fri- Maddog Shots (2 hours unlimited vodka shots)! One reviewer said,” Best party hostel I have stayed at, staff were really friendly and welcoming. Parties every night don’t go there if you expect a quiet night.” A bed here runs as low as €15 per night, and that includes breakfast and dinner and tons of other things! They have a bar (of course), a common room, free wifi, free city maps, and MUCH more. Definitely don’t miss this place!! And plan more that a couple of nights!

Lagos, Portugal

Big Chill Hostel is a very new hostel, but the best choice for your stay in Lagos, Portugal. There aren’t many hostel options to choose from, but Big Chill is  has a great atmosphere where you are sure to meet some new people and have a good time! One reviewer said,” The staff at The Big Chill is very friendly and extremely helpful with any of your questions. It’s also an easy place to meet others.” Though, they do not have an in-hostel bar, they always have something going on and offer a pub crawl on Wednesdays and Saturdays called The Backpackers Big Night Out! With beds as low as €11 per night, be sure not to miss out on this great place to stay! They also offer a common room, a kitchen, free wifi, free city maps and lots more!

London, England

St. Christopher’s Inns have 7 hostels in London, but St.Christpher’s Village is going to offer you the most bang for your buck if you want to have a good time in one of the most expensive cities in the world. says,”it is the place to go if you are young and want to have fun!” With beds as low as €23 per night this hostel has more to offer than only amenities (which include a pub, adaptors, a common room, and wifi to name a few), it is also a great place for independent travelers to meet others and have a great time partying it up.  One reviewer said,”Had a great time- friendly staff. Felt safe and secure. Fun and accepting party atmosphere. Nice pub…” The pub is open until 2a.m. on weekdays and 4a.m. on the weekend!

Madrid, Spain

Cat’s Hostel is the best in Madrid for partying! It is located in an area close to many fabulous bars and clubs. The Hostel itself has a great Bar and organizes many activities so you can get to know your fellow travelers, including a pub crawl and Paella Party on weekends. One reviewer said,”We wanted a party hostel and that was what we got. Don’t stay here unless you want to party! Do the pub crawl, it is lead by El Tigre. El Tigre leaves no man behind, he looks after his pack.” This lively hostel is also relatively inexpensive with beds as low as €12 per night. Facilities include free breakfast, a common room, free wifi, the amazing bar and more!

Paris, France

Paris already has such a crazy nightlife, that you NEED to stay at a good hostel where you an start your partying experience with some cool people like yourself. St.Christopher’s Paris is that place! Their bar offers happy hour every day as well as Wednesday Karaoke, Friday Student Nights, and Saturday Club Party. During happy hour all you have to do is use your room key to get €4 pints. They even have their own nightclub! One reviewer said,”It is a very great place, I had a very good time there, and the staff is a very friendly and always ready to help. I met lots of people from many different places. It was a very enjoyable experience.” A bed here starts at around 24 Euros. Along with the great bar and nightclub, this hostel also has free breakfast, free wifi, a common room, and much much more!

Prague, Czech Republic

Hostel One Prague is an AMAZING hostel. The staff is excellent and the atmosphere is buzzing with a friendly crowd. They have an awesome bar where it is very easy to meet new people, and they offer happy hour where you can get a beer for just 15 Korunas. After the bar closes, those who want to party further usually go out together. Hostel One is located near many bars and clubs so partying is not hard to do at all! When I stayed there the amazing bartender took us out and made sure we stayed together while bar/club hopping and that we were having a good time. It was awesome for a solo traveler like myself and SO much fun.  It is relatively cheap too, with beds starting at €12 per night. They also have free wifi, free spaghetti night, a common room, and much more.

Riga, Lativia

Friendly Fun Franks Backpackers Hostel is a great hostel to start off your party adventure in Riga! They have a great staff that even offers you a free beer upon arrival. They are located walking distance from many clubs and bars and even offer a nightly pub crawl. One reviewer said,”Great hostel, great staff, great pub crawl. Riga is awesome thanks to this place.” Another plus is that it is also extremely cheap, offering beds as low as €6 per night! It is easy to meet awesome people at the lively bar, common room, or kitchen. They also offer free breakfast, wifi, city maps and more!!

Rome, Italy

The Yellow, Rome“The best hostel for party and social contacts :) enjoyed it and it’s worth staying there, Cool people and staff..”, proclames one reviewer on And that is not the only amazing review of the place! The Yellow hostel is definitely your best best when it come to party hostels in Rome. The Yellow features a lively bar, free city maps, a common room, key card access, and much more!It is also a great deal with beds as low as €18 per night. Go to The Yellow if you want to party with amazing people and live it up in Rome!


*Please note that all prices on this page can change depending on the season you are traveling. Thank you*                                            

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